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Tarzan and Friends
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Tarzan and Friends

Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada makes his U.S. video debut in his very own full-length feature, “Tarzan and Friends,” released by Vaka-mon Productions, LLC.

The King of Time Attack takes the viewer on a fast paced, wildly entertaining journey as he brings his own unique style to both show and track.

Yamada, who is already a racing superstar in his native Japan, has his eyes set on conquering the American racing scene as well. If he just possessed superior driving skills, he would be like any of the other hotshoes out there. Tarzan couples that with an infectious personality that grabs your attention and refuses to give it back.

Tarzan’s commentary as he walks through both the Osaka AutoMesse and the SEMA show is hilarious in any language. He even manages to make a few “physically enhanced” friends in Las Vegas!

Get dizzy with speed as Vaka-mon Production's innovative camera angles combine with Tarzan’s “balls out” driving style to render a viewing experience that may cause motion sickness in some individuals. From giving the Sun Auto CyberEvo a good thrashing to obliterating the competition at the Sport Compact Car/ Super Street Buttonwillow Time Attack, Tarzan leaves no doubt; he is the real deal. To top it off, he incinerates the tires on the Benihana Viper in an impressive drift display at the Atlanta Formula D competition.

“Tarzan and Friends” aims to revolutionize the motor sports video industry by combining top-notch production with a driver and host who is second to none.

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