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SR20DET Rebuild DVD

SR20DET Rebuild DVD - Produced by DRIFTING.COM


SR20DET Rebuild

Stock Forged Steel Crank micropolished, balanced, and cleaned

WPC Treated 87mm CP Pistons and Pins

Eagle Forged Connecting Rod w/ ARP 2000 Bolts

NPR Stainless rings WPC Treated

ACL Race Main, Rod, and Thrust Bearings

ARP Head and Main studs

Cometic .040 MLS Head Gasket

Stock Head 3 angle valve Job

JUN 272 11.5mm Camshafts

GReddy Adjustable Cam Sprockets

Peak Performance Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers

Peak Performance Bronze Valve Guides

Peak Performance Rocker Arm Stoppers

OEM Nissan SR20DET Gasket Set

OEM Nissan Front Cover and Oil Pump

OEM Nissan Timing Chain

OEM Nissan Revised Timing Chain Guides

OEM Nissan Water Pump

Greddy Aluminum Oil Pan

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